Wolf's rain Role play

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You ready for the adventure of a life time?

For centries wolves have been in peace with the demonic wolves but now... the demonic wolf king has been realised and wants to destroy anything in it's path... You are try to defend against his army,Your life flash before your eyes,but before you can finish you were hit in the back of the head by a strong force. You meet the wolf goddess,Sheba. she looks at you and whispered something in your ears,but you couldn't quite make it out... it was in a ancient diolect. A white light shines and you come to your senses... You finally open your eyes and you notice your the only survivor in the area of the battlefield,however what you don't know is that there is others... Something on your paw shines the same white light as earlier and is a sign of a wolf and a lightning bolt. What does this mean? you ask yourself well there are others with this mark... and they are known as the 'gaurdians'. Will you fight to survive? or will you fight your way to the top as a demonic wolf.


This is a PVP (player vs Player) rp, so the rules are quiet accurate, please go to the 'rules' tab